Experience Hurts

Perfection teaches nothing. Cherish failures and be inspired to learn from them. Fail frequently, fail often. When failure is deemed not worth the risk, we stop advancing. If you hung your helmet the first time you fell, would your world be different?

Falling frequently is not failing. But often equates to injury. Knee damage earned by lack of armor still complains when called upon. A fractured skull incurred partial deafness and necessity to relearn balance and equilibrium. Imagine being unable to localize sound—hearing depleted by ambient noise. Broken bodies leave evidential scars of experience. Never stop charging forward. Always wear protective gear.

Be eager. Every opportunity advances. Knowledge is gained by reading, courses and mentoring. Effort, coaching and perfect practice improves skill. When opportunity presents, raise hand, knock door, sign name. Say yes. Fail following your passions. Share accumulated knowledge.

Measure results. Modern technology allows anyone to easily measure everything. Extend a simple “How can I help?” Hone your knowledge, practice your craft, identify areas for continuous improvement.

We are human. Publishing engaging content for a rabid readership is hard. Eliminating inconsistencies is an ongoing challenge. MCN was assembled by a small collective of enthusiastic motorcyclists. The target was perfection—a flawless magazine. Reality is mistakes, including typos, factual inaccuracies, mathematical failure and testing oversights.

Always advancing. Many people enjoy pointing out failure in others. A bitter pill, but it keeps us honest. Thankfully, naysayers are tempered by positive feedback. All points of contact improve the customer experience and make products better. Please, continue to compliment or complain.

Enjoy the ride. Experience missteps, and reap the rewards.

Published by David Hilgendorf

Nomadic Guide, Vivid Storyteller, Brand Champion — Alfresco.

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