New Beginnings

I’ve been interviewing, heavily. Not simply looking for a job, rather a place where my skills and experience are valued. A place where I can affect change and growth. An opportunity to continue communicating about things I believe in, while adding new skills to my arsenal. I have had the luxury of interviewing with several companies of high personal interest, because I target them specifically. Expect a new beginning and continuation of my communications career, soon. And if you’re looking for someone with similar skills, reach out!

It appears editorial and communication experience is attractive to companies in need of excellent public relations and marketing. Such companies typically ask for a portfolio of work. The challenge is that I don’t spend much time tooting my own horn. This website is an effort to construct a portfolio from my archives.

The process resulted in reminiscing on time spent at the helm of Motorcycle Consumer News (MCN), where the progression of my editorial and design work becomes clearer. Assimilating skills from a team far more experienced than myself led to wider expertise in content strategy and management, photography, Adobe CC, layout, visual design, public speaking, creative writing, journalism, AP style, team building, remote work, publishing, brand management and marketing, to name a few. I’ve had a harder time capturing some of that output, and still need to add copywriting and marketing examples to this portfolio.

Below are covers of the first and last issues I published as Editor—the beginning and the end. After more than two decades as a subscriber, contributor and publisher of this fine title, I will miss the print magazine, but remain grateful for the career catalyst. Be sure to enjoy additional complete magazines from after the 2017 redesign in my Portfolio.

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