Children’s Books

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Ralph is thrown into a world of excitement when he spots Keith’s red toy motorcycle.

Ralph is itching to run away from his family, but the horrors of the wild make him doubt his plan.

Ralph heads to school to see what humans do all day, and discover what the “S” in Ralph S. Mouse stands for!

Kyle Burger broke his neck racing. He wrote the “Buddy” books to inspire the love of motocross in kids.

Buddy learns that teamwork is much better, and more fun, than going it alone.

Buddy learns to go faster by slowing down and making fewer mistakes.

Learn all about motorcycles and the people who ride them.

Join the animal gang as they learn how to ride motorcycles and what different types of motorcycles can do. 

Discover various types of motorcycles, how they work, and how they are used.

The true story of a woman who rode a motorcycle solo around the world.

A celebration of love between father and daughter and the memories we hold close in the midst of change.

Kids love using the handles to “steer” the motorcycle through a city, forest, and more.

Introduce toddlers to the colors of the rainbow, and motorcycles.

“M is for Motorcycle” makes learning the ABCs fun!

Coloring book featuring various types of motorcycles.