Skills Books

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Covers mechanics, selecting the right bike, riding skills, and survival tactics to avoid crashes and injury.

Practical tips and topics to protect riders from road dangers, with a focus on mental and physical preparedness.

Learn not to crash by mastering throttle control, shifting, braking, positioning, and cornering lines.

Develop the techniques and skills necessary to become a proficient, accomplished, and safer street rider. 


A structured set of drills to improve riding competence and elevate understanding of motorcycle control. 

Advanced drills to gain experience and confidence in exploring the limits of both rider and motorcycle.

Ride faster and safer with fundamental skills that improve confidence when cornering a motorcycle.

Uncovers and traces, action by action, the direct links between man and machine.

Solve the barriers of high-speed thought, dissect your riding and and pinpoint problem areas.

Develop proper skills and habits that will add to your motorcycling enjoyment and build your confidence.

Mental and physical preparation, maintenance and troubleshooting, and street skills.

A progression of skills that elevate riding within a short period of time, including trail braking technique. 

Develop precision and situational awareness, leading to proficiency and seamless control. 

Police rider training handbook, a key reference for all riding instructors.

Quick solutions to nearly 100 commonly encountered obstacles and road challenges.