Reach out to:

  • Create something monumental
  • Discuss grand adventures
  • Solve complex problems
  • Plan an epic journey
  • Change the world

Humility harnessed serving sages and savants.

Creativity constructed crushing complex corporate challenges.

Empathy enabled supporting stakeholders.

Vision gained by goalsetting.

Accountability earned editing enthusiast entertainment.

Confidence set assimilating skills.

Communication enhanced via emotional quotient.


Leadership Development
Corporate Communication
Process Improvement

Brand Champion
Journalist and Editor
Storyteller and Influencer


Business development: 
  • Corporate culture: open communication, diversity, equality and inclusion, shared vision, reduced conflict.
  • Increase profitability by implementing key performance metrics, continual process improvement, cost reduction.
  • Product and software development lifecycles using Agile, Waterfall, MICA and BTI methodologies.
  • Analyze consumer data to strengthen brand identity and plan diversification into growing segments.
  • Competitive analysis focused on developing innovative, market leading products.
  • Achieve $1M+ quarterly sales by educating stakeholders on product features and value proposition.
  • Go-to-market research, budget, planning and forecasting, focused on value proposition and consumer experience.
  • Create collateral and execute marketing and communication strategy in collaboration with marketing agency.
  • Orchestrate targeted social media campaigns and redesign website to focus on conversions.
  • Sourcing and integration of the best people, goods and services.
Process improvement:
  • Revitalize enthusiast magazine through visual redesign, content planning and target marketing.
  • Manage in-house transition from print to digital using WordPress, resulting in (also
  • Conversion of 50 years of evergreen print content to searchable, indexable, SEO friendly digital.
  • Restructure content to include industry experts, emphasizing safety and educational themes.
  • Renegotiate all contributor contracts to include online content publication at equivalent print-only rates.
  • Deliver results in budget and on deadline.
  • Ideate and create up to 60% of published content while increasing monthly print magazine from 36 to 48 pages.
  • Publish human interest features including combatting PTSD in returning Vets and volunteers as medical first responders.
  • Strengthen brand’s 25-year reputation as “Consumer Reports” for motorcycles, judged “best motorcycle magazine” by readers, and consistently generating feedback, such as: “Thank you for saving my magazine.”
  • Document knowledge and share transparently with all stakeholders.
  • Hire and lead team of 20 distributed (remote) staff and contributors while restructuring processes to improve efficiency.
  • Collaborate with art director to improve visual appeal, including font selection and larger, more colorful imagery.
  • Pen editorial column on state of industry and enlist all prior title editors to write monthly columns.
  • Coach optimal business, leadership and people skills to business owners, executives and team leaders.
Systems Engineer & Architect:
  • Subject matter expert on high-visibility, mission critical, inter-team change management projects, reporting to V.P. and C-level.
  • Develop and document product lifecycle management best practices, workflow analysis, operational readiness and escalations.
  • Manage network systems and services for 10 largest international cable conglomerates
  • Verify inventory, implement change controls and reclaim and redeploy $20M in underutilized assets.
  • Build 8-person server operations team supporting 1,500 heterogeneous UNIX servers, servicing 3 million global broadband internet customers in 7 countries.

Education / Training

B.S. Business Administration
Whitman School of Management
Syracuse University, New York

MICA Training:
“Six Thinking Hats”
Creative Critical and Collaborative Thinking
Product, Process and Project Management
Managing Organizational Change
Managing Employee Relations
Decision Making

BTI Training:
Culture Building
Behavioral Insight
Workplace Motivators
Leadership Development
Productivity Optimization
Time Management
Sustainable Growth
Strategic Planning
Achieving Goals